Polymer Clay Creche

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—no wait, that’s not right. A long time ago – in the 90’s to be precise – I played around with polymer clay and made a creche. This is the first year it’s been unpacked in over 10 years. It survived amazingly well.048


The building was constructed using scrap wood and hot glue. (Who had time patience for hammer, nails, saws and wood glue? Not me.)049


2 of the 3 kings and the inn keeper. His lantern as fallen out of his hand. On my to-do list to glue it back on (same thing with Mary’s broken arm and Joseph’s staff).050


From the front, the 3rd king (or wise man), shepherd with two sheep, and in the back, the Other Wise Man. If you don’t know the story check out this Wikipedia post.051


Another angle of the scene – you can see the black and white sheep in this shot.052


In this shot you get a better view of the king’s faces – which have no features. I don’t have the patience or talent to struggle over features.053


Sleeping angel – she’s tired after a night of spreading the word of the birth of the Christ Child. Also ducks or maybe chickens roosting.055


Trees are super easy – just styrofoam cones with strips of fabric cut to 1 inch or maybe 1.5 inch width then cut again every 1 inch – but not all the way through. Then use straight pins, starting at the bottom and go round and round pining the strips making sure to overlap, adding strips as necessary until you reach the top. Pin at the top and you’re done! I used 6 patterns of the fabric in the same colorway so it would blend well. 056


I’ll be back later this week with a Crayon Art and Weekly Weather post!!!!


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