CYW 2017 – Crayon Art!!

I’m pouring melted crayons!! This color is Atomic Tangerine or Atomic Orange. I did a quick pencil sketch of my subject, then colored using the crayon. This color doesn’t have much pigment so you can barely see the coloring. I outlined it in orange Sharpie. Did a quick pour and its under the fan to dry faster.001


A new weapon/tool in my arsenal – a measuring spoon – perfect for small areas and easy to control. It’s a 1/4 tsp and metal so it can go in the oven for cleaning.003


I can tell after this first pour no pigment will be left by pouring and removing the crayon. Time to get out the brushes!004


Just to even things up I do another pour on the rest of the image. Is it a flower or something else??005


Cool tools–brushes, measuring tsp, fork, knife.006


Here I’ve used the large brush to apply the crayon. I can only do a few swipes before the crayon has to go back in the oven. It’s cold in my house so the crayon cools very quickly and becomes too thick to brush.008


Detail of brush strokes. 009


For added texture I used the knife to scrape off some crayon.010



I used a fork here to add texture to the center. So did you guess what the inspiration was. If you guessed flower, sorry, you were wrong!012


Here is the inspiration – a mango tart!!!!013


And my semi-finished product. I’ll be photographing the final image next week but you won’t see it until the challenge starts in about 2 weeks. Yikes!!! I only have 3 weeks of January finished – I’m way behind my schedule. Unfortunately I tend to live behind schedule!!014


3 thoughts on “CYW 2017 – Crayon Art!!

  1. This is awesome. I love seeing your process and texture.


  2. Amazing! And I really love the color!


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