Weekly Weather: Cold

Baby, its cold outside!!!!!

The topic for Weekly Weather this week is Cold! Really? Just look out the window!!! On another note, in one more week we say good-bye to Weekly Weather for 4 months! The Color Your World will be happening instead and in May the Weekly Weather will resume. At the bottom of the post is the badge for Color Your World so you can check out the challenge and maybe participate!

Cold, Full 2-page spreadcold-full


Cold, left page detail – collaged over a map of Russia, or as this older atlas reads Soviet Union. Snowflake brads and buttons, snowman buttons, tree buttons and magazine pictures.cold-left



More snowflakes and tiny snowmen! Makes me cold(er) just looking at it!cold-right


One thought on “Weekly Weather: Cold

  1. It sure is cold. These came out great, I like all the blue and the snowmen.


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