Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Here are some more beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments for your viewing pleasure!

The first two were made by my very talented Aunt Margie, in ‘candlewicking’ style embroidery.023025-2


The next one is a styrofoam ball with counted cross stitch images on it. There are four images divided by red velvet and gold ribbon.  A friend gave this to mom.025


Another styrofoam ball, this time covered in smocking. So gorgeous! During the Depression my grandmother would smock dresses for girls and my uncles would sell them on the street for 25 cents. This was a gift from a friend to my mom.026


The next two are needlepoint done by me. I hadn’t yet figured out how to block the canvas at this time so the ornaments are a little crooked.031032


The next ones are from when I went through my scrapbooking phase and made ornament/package tie-ons each year. I think this was in the 2000’s.001002034039


I still have so many handmade ornaments left to show, I’ll probably still be sharing them in the Spring! After all, to crafters and artists, Christmas really begins the day after when you start preparing for next year!!!


3 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Ornaments

  1. Just beautiful and so special. Talent definitely runs in your family (and your friends!)


  2. They are all gorgeous, thanks for sharing.


  3. Truly beautiful. With wonderful memories Im sure!


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