Cast off art project

Last week I went to an altered books class and afterward I helped clean up. To my surprise I found the book below in the trash can.cast off ab 1

One of the students had worked on it for two hours — she tried making a window–cast off ab 2


Dyed pages with peach colored ink, added some pretty paper scraps…cast off ab 3


That included a feather and a transparency over an image of a house…cast off ab 4


She tried her hand at decorative folding and tearing…cast off ab 5


And decided in the end she hated it so much she tossed it away in the trash can and walked away. I fished it out, brought it home thinking I would finish it for her. But now, I think, I will leave it as is to remind myself to never give up on an art project. This book has lots of potential. The student-artist has lots of potential. But she seems to believe herself to have no talent and as such, throws her potential away. That saddens me.cast off ab 6

So, to the unknown student artist – you may not believe in your own talent but you’ve helped me to believe in mine. And for that, I thank you.


2 thoughts on “Cast off art project

  1. I love altered books! I have three I’m working on right now for Christmas presents for friends. I can’t believe she tossed her book. I’m happy you rescued it and shared it with us!

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