A to Z: A

It begins! The 2018 A to Z challenge is on!! The first letter, of course, is A!! Below the card collage is a list of the items you can find if you look closely. Enjoy!





Airplane, WWII combat

Airplane, yellow


American flag


Apollo stamp

Apple, green

Apple, red

Armadillo, blue

Armadillo, bronze

Arrow, 2

Artemis icon






2 thoughts on “A to Z: A

  1. Wonderful! Super looking collage, and fun to find all the elements included. 🙂


  2. These were fun to scroll through and see them all so far. I think your collages for ‘E’ might have been my favourite so far. it must have taken quite a lot of work to put them together so neatly. Well done! now I’ve found your blog I’ll look forward to seeing them day by day while we finish the challenge.


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