Weekly Weather: Winter & Spring

I’m a little slow getting back to work after my excellent adventure in California!! I snagged 3 decks of cards that are ripe for altering. I’ve also got some other irons in the fire that I’ll be sharing later on.

Here’s my weekly weather collage! First Winter then Spring.







ww 2018-1

Weekkly Weather: Flood

This week’s weather is: Flood



ww 2018-1


I’m in California this week! I need a break after such an April!!! I’ll resume posting next week – although, there will be a Weekly Weather posting on Wednesday!

See you soon!!!

gone on vacation

A to Z: Z!!!!

It’s over! Today’s the last letter – of course, Z!

Can you find them all? This is your last chance!



Zebra, painting

Zebra, toy

Zest soap


Ziploc bags



Zzz’s illustration of snoring





I can’t believe it’s over! It’s always a lot of work but I love it! I’ll do a recap post next week – but for now – I’m going on vacation!

A to Z: Y

Today’s letter is Y!

Can you find them all?

Yankee Candle Jar

Yarn toys for cat


Yoga image


Yoke of oxen

Yolk, fried egg (2)

Yorkshire terrier



A to Z: X

Today’s letter is X!

Can you find them all?

Xanthophyll (the yellow pigment of autumnal leaves)

Xerxes, ruler of ancient Persia

X-ray of hand

Xunantunich, ancient Mayan pyramid

Xystus (a garden walk lined with trees)

Xyzal brand