Finding a Real Home

Our story continues…Hansel and Gretel bravely fought against the witch who held them captive. Here’s what happened next:

through the woods_0016

through the woods_0017


through the woods_0018

through the woods_0019

They found real love at last! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children could find a Real Home and Real Love?


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Bounce Around Rufus


This is a story of a rescued grey tabby who found a Real Home with Real Love.

The witch inside

When we last left Hansel and Gretel they were hungry after days of wandering in the woods. They came across a wonderful candy house and called out to see if there was anyone inside. I wonder who is inside and what will they do next?


To refresh your memory:

through the woods_0011



through the woods_0012

through the woods_0013



through the woods_0014

through the woods_0015


Wow! that was a close call! What will happen next? Come back next time to find out!







The Candy House

Our story so far…Hansel & Gretel’s parents threw them out of the house to survive on their own. Where would they go? What would they do? Let’s find out!!

through the woods_0008

through the woods_0009



through the woods_0010

through the woods_0011


Wow! A beautiful house they might be able to live in! What will they find inside? I can guess–can you?

See you next time!


                                      My favorite candy. What’s yours?




Through the Woods with Hansel & Gretel

 New story time! I have always loved fairy tales and have enjoyed creating my versions of them. This is a version of Hansel & Gretel. I played around with the names, wanting to change them to help skew the perspective. But ultimately I went with the original names and it seems to fit.



through the woods_0001


through the woods_0004

through the woods_0005



through the woods_0006

through the woods_0007


 Oh no! How could their parents throw them out of the house like that? What will the kids do now? Who will love them and take care of them?

Come back for more!