Auntie Goose

auntie goose cover_0001sandman-1old mother goose-1ride a cock horse-1once i saw a little bird-1pussycat wilt thou be mine-1muffet-1maid on scrabble hill-1little tommy tucker-1lady bug lady bug-1jack sprat-1rub a dub dub-1this little piggy-1jack horner-1hickety pickety-1lion and unicorn-1woman in a shoe_0001mice sat in a barn_0001i have a little sister_0001pat a cake_0001i had a little nut tree_0001Georgie Porgie_0001Hickory Dickory Dock_0001for want of a nail_0001duke of york_0001ding dong bell_0001man in wilderness_000124 blackbirds_0001peas porridge_0001wee willie winkie_0001hush a bye baby_0001pussycat where have you been_0001Little Boy Blue_0001as i was going to st grates_0001itsy_0001

i had a little hen_0001Jack and Jill_0001the north wind_0001

crooked cat_0001

Muffin Man_0001Goosey Goosey Gander_0001

2 cats of kilkenny_0001

a wise old owl_0001

Three Blind Mice_0001

Im A Little Teapot_0001

Humpty Dumpty_0001

doctor foster_0001

Baa Baa Black Sheep_0001

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater_0001

Mary Mary Quite Contrary_0001

Old King Cole_0001

jack be nimble

cow over moon_0001

2 thoughts on “Auntie Goose

  1. Love your sense of humour in these nursery rhyme parodies. 🙂


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