Orange, Black, Pumpkin Patch, part 3

Our story so far.. the boys are off to find a pumpkin and have wandered into some scary woods with eyes all over the place . . .

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0015

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0016

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0017orange, black, pumpkin patch_0018orange, black, pumpkin patch_0019orange, black, pumpkin patch_0020

Wow! The boys need a rest after all that!!! But still, they don’t have a pumpkin. Will they find a pumpkin tonight or not?  Come back tomorrow to find out!!

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part last

We are finally at the end of our story. I hope you have enjoyed it and since Auntie Goose wll be back tomorrow with her A-Z challenge, I hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!!!

pg 55pg 56pg 57pg 58pg 59pg 60pg 61pg 62pg 63pg 64

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part 5

Our story so far, the Great E. B. has asked Simon what he thinks about realizing that taking the eggs was stealing and it’s not okay. Let’s find out:

pg 45pg 46pg 47pg 48pg 49pg 50pg 51pg 52pg 53pg 54

Wow! I’m so happy Simon and Toby learned their lesson about stealing! Is where the story ends? Of course not! Come back tomorrow to see what the boys’ are up to now!! – oh and by the way, yes there is a spelling error in one of the panels. I corrected it before I had the book printed! One of these days, I will load the corrected copy here!

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part 4

Our story so far: the boys were caught picking eggs and were taken to E.B.’s office. Simon is super duper excited and Toby is shivering in his paws. Let’s find out what’s next…

pg 37pg 38pg 39pg 40pg 41pg 42pg 43pg 44

What does Simon think about it? What will he say to E. B.? I guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!!

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part 3

So when we last left our boys, they were picking eggs and a siren went off! Let’s find out what happened!

pg 29pg 30pg 31pg 32pg 33pg 34pg 35pg 36

Now what’s going to happen? Are they going to meet the Great E. B.? Or worse, will their parents be called? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part 3

Our story so far: the boys have finally reached EB Farms after a long walk. Toby is a little grumpy and Simon is ecstatic. Here’s what happens next:

pg 18pg 19pg 20pg 21pg 22pg 23pg 24pg 26pg 27pg 28..

Aha! This is a perfect time for a cliff hanger!! What’s going on? What will happen to the boys? Oh my gosh!  You’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out!!

Our story so far, the boys, Simon and Toby, have planned to visit the egg fields of the Great EB. This morning they start their journey…shall we walk with them?

pg 11

pg 12

pg 13

pg 14

pg 15

pg 16

pg 17

Well, they finally made it to the Farm, but the adventure is just beginning!  Stay tuned for the next episode of Simon & Toby’s adventure!!

The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade, part 1

In honor of Easter coming up, and the A-Z Blog Challenge starting in April, I’m going to repost the Simon & Toby Adventure, The Enormous Easter Egg Escapade.  Auntie Goose will be back in April and then after April she’ll finish posting her other nursery rhymes. Maybe by then I will have made more progress on Simon & Toby’s Giant Redwoods Adventure! Enjoy!!

egg title pagepg 1pg 2pg 3-4pg 5pg 6pg 7pg 8pg 9pg 10