Let’s talk about those bootfish!!

Time for more crayon collages! This occasional posting is a preview for next year’s Color Your World Challenge! From Jan 1 to April 30, 2018 I’ll be participating in the annual CYW Challenge where participants are challenged to take a specific Crayola Crayon color for the day and post about it – art, photographs, poems – however the Muse strikes you! This will be my third year and I’m determined to not let it make me crazy!! (There’s a 120 colors + 120 days = 120 postings – in a row!!!)

Here’s part of a shoe series I’m doing – colors, Purple Pizzazz and Violet (Purple):

I’ve also gotten on a cat kick so that the last 40 or so collages all have cats in them. 

Weekly Weather this weekend and then who knows? I’m packing my craft stuff in an anticipation of a move at the end of August, so I’m not sure how much new stuff I’ll be posting through August and September! But, I’ll find something artsy to post about!!