Blast from the Past: C is for. . .

Last year I participated in my first Blogging A to Z challenge and in anticipation of this year’s challenge I decided to start posting some of last years posts. My theme for the challenge was nursery rhymes. This year’s theme will be announced on March 25-or so. Want more info and join in on the fun? Click on the A to Z badge in the sidebar and take a chance & sign up!!!

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Stocking Coloring Picture

It’s time for another coloring picture – or THREE!  I liked this coloring picture so much I colored it three different ways.  As always, please go to The Storyteller’s Abode to download your own copy of the coloring picture for everyone to enjoy!!!

stocking-colouring-picture3 red b stocking-colouring-picture3 red stocking-colouring-picture3 pink

Presents coloring picture


Here’s another coloring picture from The Storyteller’s Abode. I used picmonkey again; I’m not good with straight lines – especially using a mouse to draw them – so my lines are quite wonky. But then my lines are always wonky so nothing new there!! Be sure to go to The Storyteller’s Abode to download your own copy of Presents Coloring Picture!!!!

Orange, Black, Pumpkin Patch, part 5

Our story so far, Simon and Toby found a wonderful pumpkin patch but the pumpkins are ALIVE and one of them went after Toby! Where is the Evil Pumpkin taking poor Toby? And where is Simon??? Let’s find out!!

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0027

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0028

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0029

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0030

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0031

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0032

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0033

orange, black, pumpkin patch_0034Whew! I’m so glad that worked out. I guess the boys learned to listen to Mom when it comes to wandering around at night!! Happy Halloween everybody!!! Treats only – No tricks!!!!

Little Tommy Tucker

Hey Kiddies! I back after a week or so break. I won’t be around for long – I’m almost done with showing you all my rhymes. After I’m done, Sabina has to finish her latest book – she’s been on a two months hiatus  and it’s time she gets back to work. I am working on more rhymes but those will be for later in the year. In the meantime, here’s a little rhyme for you! Love and feathers, Auntie Goose

little tommy tucker-1

Original and miscellaneous…


Who, or what, was a Little Tommy Tucker?
Little ‘Tommy Tucker’ referred to in the words of this nursery rhyme was a colloquial term that was commonly used to describe orphans – Little Tommy Tucker. The orphans were often reduced to begging or ‘singing for their supper’. The reference to Little Tommy Tucker marrying and the lack of a wife reflects the difficulty of any orphan being able to marry due to their exceptionally low standing within the community. The first publication date for Little Tommy Tucker was 1829.

Nursery Rhymes Lyrics and Origins