Stocking Coloring Picture

It’s time for another coloring picture – or THREE!  I liked this coloring picture so much I colored it three different ways.  As always, please go to The Storyteller’s Abode to download your own copy of the coloring picture for everyone to enjoy!!!

stocking-colouring-picture3 red b stocking-colouring-picture3 red stocking-colouring-picture3 pink

Presents coloring picture


Here’s another coloring picture from The Storyteller’s Abode. I used picmonkey again; I’m not good with straight lines – especially using a mouse to draw them – so my lines are quite wonky. But then my lines are always wonky so nothing new there!! Be sure to go to The Storyteller’s Abode to download your own copy of Presents Coloring Picture!!!!

Wurmland Veggies!

Let-us have some Wurmland Vegetables!


buttery nut enhanced

That’s a Buttery-Nut if I ever saw one!



green spring onion enhanced

A Springing Green Onion


turban squash enhanced

Doff your hat to the Turban Squash



tamata, tomata enhanced

And, finally, Tamata, Tomata, Fruitata


And, with that, next time, Wurmland fruit!



PS, Thanks explorer friend for these great pics! Don’t get caught sneaking into gardens!!