Weekly Weather: Hail

This week’s weather topic is Hail (pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds).

0218 hail a0218 hail b




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ww 2018-1



Weekly Weather: Hail

For this round of Weekly Weather collages I decided to do another atlas as my base. However, the pages/signatures came apart from the binding so I’ll be doing each two page spread separately and when I come to the end of the year or when we start repeating the weather topics, I’ll bind them all together.

This weeks topic is Hail (pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds).

Depictions of hail are not easy to find so I went with lots of diamonds cut from lots and lots of jewelry ads in magazines like Elle, Town & Country, and Vogue. The central ‘sun’ is reminiscent of how the sun can be shine one minute and it can hail the next!  I really wish the next hail storm would be diamonds!!


ww calender

Weekly Weather – Hail

Here’s my submission for Jennifer Nichole Well’s Weekly Weather Challenge! This week’s theme is Hail. Please consider joining her challenge – she accepts all types of submissions, from photos to art to writing!!! Click on the badge below to go to her blog and submit your art!!

Hail-two page spread in an old atlashail full


Hail  – left pagehail left


Hail – left page, detail of poem; I really like the way the poet describes hail!hail left detail


Hail – right page – where do butterflies go during a hail storm? Do they have tiny umbrellas to hide under?hail right