Sunday Funny Page – Holstein the Cat

Today’s funny page is Holstein by Steven Ohlhaber. I stumbled across it through another blogger I follow. I hope you like Holstein as much as I do! I chose the first 3 comics, well, it is the season! The fourth because rescue cats are close to my heart. The last one is because Toby fetches. When he was a kitten he was obsessed with pompoms; now it is balls with bells. Anyway, enjoy the kitty humor!

Holstein the Cat - Kitty Kiss Kiss

Holstein the Cat - Kitty with Care

Everybody needs Kittybody

Higher Power Kitty - Holstein the Cat

And because I’m all about supporting fellow WordPress bloggers, there is also a book available on Amazon (click on the image for the link).


I’ll bet the book is great! I’m planning on getting it after Christmas. When I do, I’ll get Rufus to review it over on Library of Cats!

Enjoy your Sunday!