Recycled Art

Here are some beautiful pieces of art by Jane Perkins I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while – click on the images to bigify!!:

Please check out her website for more beautiful artwork (or, you can just Google “Jane Perkins”!


Portraiture by Jane Perkins

Artist Jane Perkins has released a new work – it was a commission for FOX-TV. They have a show called Last Man on Earth. The commission was a double portrait of the 2 main stars, Will Forte and Kristen Schaal.  I don’t watch the show but I’m on the look-out for advertising materials.lmoe-jane1

The likeness is amazing!unspecified-1-2-1024x683

Go Here to see the original post on Jane Perkin’s blog!!


Frida K.

Another completed work from my favorite artist – Jane Perkins –


It’s Frida Kahol – gorgeous isn’t it!!! Now, tell me can you spot the following items: the PowerPuff Girls, a rooster, a hummingbird, a cake, a purple hippo, and some bingo markers?

Here’s Jane Perkin’s blog where you can find more of her art.


Jane Perkins’ New Work

One of my favorite artists has posted 2 pieces of her new work. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jane Perkins, she makes exquisite works of art out of recycled materials. I have featured her before and always do when she has new work to show. Enjoy:


I would never have the patience to do this work! So beautiful!!!



Art, a la Jane Perkins

Jane Perkins is one of my All-Time Favorie artists. She recycles all sorts of small stuff (read: junk) to create fabulous art. I frequently showcase her art and thought it was time to show it again. These images came from her “Year in Review” post. Please follow the link to her blog. You won’t be sorry!!  Her art is for sale and she does commissions – click on her name to find out more info! If I win the PowerBall, I’m going to commission her to do portraits of my furbabies!!!


I love the fact that she posted this picture. ALL artists have creative issues at times. Gives me hope. The completed art follows.


Amazing, right?


The Great Wave

Jane Perkinsfavorite artist of ours – has a new completed work! Here it is reblogged from her website:

Sometimes I struggle over a work and it takes weeks to finish (The Woman in Gold). Sometimes work goes together like a dream – as in the just-completed The Great Wave, after Hokusai,  based on a famous woodcut by the Japanese artist. The whalers in the boats have been replaced with little heads and some alien-like dolls in the foremost boat. At the heart of the wave is a 2-headed sea monster – great fun to make!

This piece and the Sunflowers from Amsterdam  are now in the Red Propeller Gallery, Kingsbridge.

Hokusai - Copy

Compare Jane Perkin’s version with the original:

Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the larger version so you can see all the really cool stuff her Wave is made of!!!