More paper crafting memories

Way back in 2002 my romance with scrapbooking was starting to burn…4 legged memories a


4 legged memories c


4 legged memories e


4 legged memories g


4 legged memories j


4 legged memories lAlmost all of these beautiful babies are gone. Simon’s still hanging in there. He’s the only holdover from the last century!!


packing means uncovering memories

If you read Toby’s blog (Kitty Caperz) then you’ll know I’m in the midst of packing in anticipation of a move to a new abode at the end of August. And with packing comes the discovery of old memories and treasures. I found a book that I made in 2000 and it proves to me, once again, that my craft & art have come full circle. memory 2000 a

This book is made from cardboard, covered in glossy magazine photos, with stickers, stamps and photos and bound together using a clothes hanger wire wound around a can.memory 2000 b

Completely nonarchival but who cares? I remember making it and having fun.memory 2000 c

And, 17 years later, I am with my first love, Collage, again. memory 2000 d

 I cheated on Collage by having illicit romances with acrylic & oil painting, jewelry making, crochet/knitting, digital artwork, and scrapbooking.memory 2000 e

But, I’m back and hopefully I won’t betray my Muse again!!memory 2000 fmemory 2000 g

19-Somethin’ #30

This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about their past each day of September. Today is the final day of the 19-Somethin’ Challenge! Wow! That went fast!


Final Question:

30. Reflection Post: What did you think of this challenge?

I enjoyed this challenge quite a bit. Its nice to stroll down memory lane sometimes. I have both good and bad memories about my childhood. This challenge was good in that it helped me remember a lot of the good and put to bed the bad. I wouldn’t want to repeat it too often, but it was a fun September. Here is a group of photos I used throughout the challenge! 


Tomorrow is October and a new Halloween Challenge!  Its not too late to join in on the fun!   Go HERE to find out more about it!!pumpkin-161650_1280