One Word Photo Challenge: Baboon

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One Word Photo Challenge: Baboon

Okay, so it’s not a baboon – I was inspired by Jennifer’s “not baboons” (click on the link to see hers) but this green simian is the closest thing I could get to it. I used to have a Ty beanie baby that was a baboon, but that’s long gone!!!


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No photo or doodle this week for Jennifer’s One Word Challenge- Wildfire. I posted this back in April for the A-Z challenge, “F” for fawn. Thought it would work for her challenge!!

One Word Challenge|Weather: Wildfire

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Oodle Doodle Tornado

oodle doodles l tornadoOodle Doodle Tornado

This is an attempt to meet a photo challenge but I decided to go with a doodle! Do you see the house and the bicycle (a’la Dorothy & Toto)? It meets the photo part of the challenge because I took a photo of it in order to load in into the pc!

One Word Photo Challenge|Weather: Tornado

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