Weekly Weather: Snow

This week’s weather challenge is snow (atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer).

0325 snow a0325 snow b


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ww 2018-1

Weekly Weather: Snow

For this round of Weekly Weather collages I decided to do another atlas as my base. However, the pages/signatures came apart from the binding so I’ll be doing each two page spread separately and when I come to the end of the year or when we start repeating the weather topics, I’ll bind them all together.

This week’s topic is Snow (atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer).


0910 snow full view

Snow, Full View

0910 snow left view

Snow, left view

0910 snow right view

Snow, right view

0910 snow left detail view

Snow, left view detail

0910 snow right detail view

Snow, right view detail



ww calender

Weekly Weather: Cold

Baby, its cold outside!!!!!

The topic for Weekly Weather this week is Cold! Really? Just look out the window!!! On another note, in one more week we say good-bye to Weekly Weather for 4 months! The Color Your World will be happening instead and in May the Weekly Weather will resume. At the bottom of the post is the badge for Color Your World so you can check out the challenge and maybe participate!

Cold, Full 2-page spreadcold-full


Cold, left page detail – collaged over a map of Russia, or as this older atlas reads Soviet Union. Snowflake brads and buttons, snowman buttons, tree buttons and magazine pictures.cold-left



More snowflakes and tiny snowmen! Makes me cold(er) just looking at it!cold-right


Weekly Weather: Snow

It may be raining cats and dogs here (thank you, T.S. Matthew) but I’ve got snow on my mind! This Saturday’s Weekly Weather Challenge topic is SNOW. 

Snow, full 2-page spread. Collage of die-cut snowflakes, pearl brads, felt snowmen, rhinestone letters, beaded snowflakes and two magazine photos of snow paintings; all on a base of a map of Canada. Those folks get a lot of snow, don’t they?!



Snow, left page detailsnow-left


Snow, right page detailsnow-right


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Sunday Funny Page – Holstein the Cat

Today’s funny page is Holstein by Steven Ohlhaber. I stumbled across it through another blogger I follow. I hope you like Holstein as much as I do! I chose the first 3 comics, well, it is the season! The fourth because rescue cats are close to my heart. The last one is because Toby fetches. When he was a kitten he was obsessed with pompoms; now it is balls with bells. Anyway, enjoy the kitty humor!

Holstein the Cat - Kitty Kiss Kiss

Holstein the Cat - Kitty with Care

Everybody needs Kittybody

Higher Power Kitty - Holstein the Cat

And because I’m all about supporting fellow WordPress bloggers, there is also a book available on Amazon (click on the image for the link).


I’ll bet the book is great! I’m planning on getting it after Christmas. When I do, I’ll get Rufus to review it over on Library of Cats!

Enjoy your Sunday!