Weekly Weather: Winter & Spring

I’m a little slow getting back to work after my excellent adventure in California!! I snagged 3 decks of cards that are ripe for altering. I’ve also got some other irons in the fire that I’ll be sharing later on.

Here’s my weekly weather collage! First Winter then Spring.







ww 2018-1

Weekly Weather: Spring

This week’s weather topic is Spring!! When I am huddled in bed at night under 2 blankets and 2 cats on top of me, I remember spring and think “when will she arrive?”

Spring, full 2 page spread. spring-full

Spring, left page – I chose to work mostly with the colors from the pie charts in the map – they seemed very spring-like to me!spring-left

Spring, right page – I cut up an art page I found in a magazine and tiled the squares over the page in random order. The colors were perfect.spring-right

It’s not too late to join in on the fun! Click on the badge below to find out more information!!!


Our story so far, the boys, Simon and Toby, have planned to visit the egg fields of the Great EB. This morning they start their journey…shall we walk with them?

pg 11

pg 12

pg 13

pg 14

pg 15

pg 16

pg 17

Well, they finally made it to the Farm, but the adventure is just beginning! ¬†Stay tuned for the next episode of Simon & Toby’s adventure!!