The Drainpipe Kitten

drainpipe kitten_0001

drainpipe kitten_0004

drainpipe kitten_0005

drainpipe kitten_0006

drainpipe kitten_0007

drainpipe kitten_0008

drainpipe kitten_0009

drainpipe kitten_0010

drainpipe kitten_0011

drainpipe kitten_0012

drainpipe kitten_0013

drainpipe kitten_0014

drainpipe kitten_0015

drainpipe kitten_0016

drainpipe kitten_0017

drainpipe kitten_0018

drainpipe kitten_0019

drainpipe kitten_0020

drainpipe kitten_0021

drainpipe kitten_0022

drainpipe kitten_0023

drainpipe kitten_0024

drainpipe kitten_0025

drainpipe kitten_0026

drainpipe kitten_0027

drainpipe kitten_0028

drainpipe kitten_0029

drainpipe kitten_0030

drainpipe kitten_0031

drainpipe kitten_0032

drainpipe kitten_0033


She's a long way from a drainpipe!

She’s a long way from a drainpipe!


Cold-natured Piper loves being as close to a heat source as possible.

Cold-natured Piper loves being as close to a heat source as possible.


3 thoughts on “The Drainpipe Kitten

  1. I named my little kitten Parker because she was found (at 6 weeks old!) alone in a park. She came home to1 cat she loves and 1 she loves to torment. I love them all! So happy Piper has a good home. I love the name, too.


    • My sister found Piper and since I had just recently lost a long-time orange marmalade, she thought I could use some comfort, so Piper became a part of my family. 13 and a half years later she is still a part of the family!


      • Thirteen and a half years?! That is wonderful! My little Parker is only 1 year and a half but I cannot imagine our home without her. Cats are the best!


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