Sunday Funny Page

I loved the Sunday Comics Page – so I thought why not recreate it here – just a little bit! Actually it was Cat at the Bar and their Sunday funnies with Dust Bunny and Chub-Chub that gave me the idea. So I thought, why not! There are a lot of wonderful comic artists and I love sharing them with you!

Holstein the Cat, Easter, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Frankie Comics


The Oatmeal





Holstein the Cat




Dharma the Cat


cat versus human

cat versus human



sometimes you over-dramatize to get your way. what a hurtful thing to say! like a stab in the heart. i might as well die. sorry

Mimi and Eunice



generic-advice-lady Poorly Drawn Lines



 The Awkward Yeti



Cats at the Bar



 The Stuff in the Margin


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funny Page

  1. Why thank you, I didn’t know I was here. *blush* 🙂


  2. Oops! Sorry – I’m usually good about letting folks know I am link back to them!


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