Featured Artists

There are so many creative artists out there! When I run across one I really like, I will share them here! Enjoy!

happy horse

Happy Horse

Sarah @ Secret Art Expedition

katie daisy b Katie Daisy

king-of-the-beasts-copy Jane Perkins

Penguinoptimized Kristen Cumings

Hokusai - Copy  Jane Perkins

adele-b-b-copy-e1434295861792  Jane Perkins

Yellow Sunflowers - Copy  Jane Perkins

buttoncat1  Button art by Tracy Crane

Remaking masterpieces with Zarathustra the cat

猫cat2015.2.7 Balloon creations by Mashayoshi Matsumoto

  illustrations by Gol Naran

 drawings by mejfote post #1

  Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

 Cat Art by Carlos C. Lainez

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