A Work Week with Muzzy

A work week with Muzzy:

Muzzy woke up one bright Monday morning and headed off to work.muzzy goes to work aHe was using his boss’s special carpooling car and was supposed to pick up his co-worker, Frank along the way. But the day was so beautiful he forgot all about it and drove in alone.muzzy goes to work bThe traffic was terrible that morning and poor Muzzy sat in his car all by himself for hours trying to get to work. He started wishing he had picked up Frank so he would have someone to talk to. After a few hours of idling, waiting for the traffic to clear, his car started knocking and sputtering and suddenly died. With a start he remembered he forgot to get gas! How could he be so silly to forget the gas? Of course!

The gas station was on the way to Frank’s house.

muzzy goes to work cPoor Muzzy – forgetful Muzzy – selfish Muzzy – having to push his car to work. He won’t forget to carpool tomorrow!!

gorgeous tobyAfter Muzzy’s Monday morning manic commute, he hope his Tuesday would be much better. Poor Muzzy – he was so wrong. You see, his boss told him to staple together 100 project manuals, and Muzzy being so small, he had to jump on the stapler to make it work!muzzy has a bad day at the office bWell wouldn’t you know it! He slipped, fell and wedged his foot in the confounded machine! Oh he was so upset and meowed loudly in pain. “Help!” he shouted, “I’ve got a staple in my foot!”muzzy has a bad day at the office a

Well Frank came along and used a pair of scissors to unjam the stapler and proceeded to lose his grip and poor Muzzy! He ended up between the scissors sharp blades.

muzzy has a bad day at the office fThank goodness the only thing wounded – besides his foot – was his pride. His boss sent him home and told him Wednesday would be a better day.

gorgeous tobyOn Wednesday Muzzy’s boss told him to put tape on a bunch of work posters and hang them around the office. Muzzy thought to himself, “What is tape?” for he had never heard of tape. He knew about glue and staples (yikes, his foot still hurt!) and even thumb tacks but never tape! His boss brought ’round this plastic contraption with super thin sticky paper on it. He looked at it very closely. This is tape?muzzy has a bad day at the office cThen he thought “How do I work it? How does one get the sticky paper off the plastic contraption?” He even tried crawling inside to see if he could figure out how it worked.

muzzy has a bad day at the office dNope that wasn’t it! He climbed on top to see if a different perspective would help. It didn’t. Later that day Muzzy was still trying to figure the whole tape thing out when his friend, Frank, came along and said, “Poor Muzzy!, Silly Muzzy, let me show you what to do!”muzzy has a bad day at the office eSo with Frank’s help, Muzzy got his work done before his boss came back. Muzzy was looking forward to Thursday because he was taking a day off. Come back tomorrow to see how Muzzy spends his down time!

gorgeous toby

Muzzy has had a hard week and was happy to have a day off. The first thing he decided to do was to work on his crossword puzzles.muzzy's down time aAs he sat on his front porch and puzzled,he suddenly got a whim to climb a tree! He went to the bottom of the tree in his yard and looked up and wondered if he should climb! He took some deep breaths and started to climb.muzzy's down time dFinally he got to the top and saw how lovely it was up high.muzzy's down time cHe had a new perspective on the world and was glad for it! (Especially when he remembered tomorrow was payday!)gorgeous toby

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Muzzy was so happy he just new his paycheck was going to be a big one.muzzy gets his paycheck aHe dreamed of finally being able to go to that new fancy restaurant in town, of going to see a Broadway show, of… oh, his dreams!

But to his great disappointment, his boss handed him a single coin! That’s it? he thought? One coin? And it’s 25 peso’s?muzzy gets his paycheck bJust how much – er, little, money is that? There went all his dreams out the window. But why so little? ‘Because’, his boss told him, ‘you are a silly little cat who can’t do much of anything but be silly. You must work harder if you want to get paid more!’ Oh,well!, thought Muzzy, there’s always next week.

gorgeous toby

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