Dreamscope Deep Dream Doodle

So Google has this new app for ramping up your pics and photos! It’s called Dreamscope Deep Dream and there’s all sorts of science and business stuff behind it, none of which I care about. I heard, or rather, read about it from Jennifer Nicole Wells‘ very creative blog and ran with it!

First up is the original image:

oodle doodles awNow, the Botanical Dimensions filter:botanical dimensions

This is the Trippy filter:trippyHere is one of the filters I really didn’t care for – Self-Transforming Machine Elves. I didn’t like this one and a couple of others because they made things look creepy and I don’t like creepy things! But I wanted to show you because I thought lot’s of folks like creepy stuff!

self transforming machine elvesSo, there you go! Cool, huh? I’ll be posting pictures of Toby and LadyBird run trough these filters for Caturday Art sponsored by Athena & Marie. Please check them out on The View Through My Aquamarine Eyes and Doggie Caperz!!!


3 thoughts on “Dreamscope Deep Dream Doodle

  1. These are really cool. Now I want to try to run a drawing through it! I do prefer the botanical dimensions with this one. It reminds me of the rainbow fish book. Thanks so much for sharing these.


  2. I like what the Botanical Dimensions filter produced!


  3. What a fascinating effect! I too love the Botanical Dimensions filter best. 🙂


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