Collage Update!

It’s time for a A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017 update!!  I’m making fair progress on the color letters; the black and white background is taking longer. I completed three more color letters – G, R, S …


Letter Q is a troublesome one – I may have to resort to stickers if I get too impatient to continue hunting for letters. 



Two more letters to share, V and Y, slowly coming along.


Here’s the latest letter count!

az 2017 count-coloraz 2017 count-bw

Thinking ahead to the next step. I have moved ahead to choosing more 3D objects for final product. I’m considering using canvas board or masonite. Does any one have any thoughts on the subject? I’ve painted on both but I don’t know which would be better to stand up to the rigors and weight of heavier items. I found ready made 10×10 canvas boards on Amazon but no precut 10×10 masonite boards – so I’d have to figure out how to get them cut (Home Depot or Lowe’s would cut them, you think?). Anyway, please give me any opinions on which would be a better choice.  Thanks!!!

See you next week for  more art fun!cliparistpaint


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