19-Somethin’ #28

This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about their past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right?



28. When did you go on your first date? What did you do? Where did you go? Did you go out on another date with that person?

I went to IHOP with a boy named Charles. I really liked him and we went out a couple of times  – this was when I was 17. He started talking about ‘going all the way’ and it scared me so I broke it off with him. Occasionally I wonder what happened to him!

ihop This isn’t the actual restaurant we went to but it looks just like it – this was 1976!!

3 thoughts on “19-Somethin’ #28

  1. That looks like it would have been an interesting restaurant – sort of makes me think of a Cracker Barrel.


  2. Smart girl not to rush anything.


  3. That IHOP looks huge compared to the ones that I’ve seen!

    I agree with Ellen. You were very smart not to rush things. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along with our 19-Somethin’ challenge. Have a great weekend!


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