Weekly Weather: Sleet

Here’s my submission for JNW’s Weekly Weather Challenge. This week’s topic is Sleet. Go HERE for more information regarding joining the challenge.

I did two versions of Sleet. My first try  -I ended up not liking it.sleet-fail


This is the newer version. I decided to go with tone-on-tone flowers and snowflakes and pearl brads.sleet-full


Sleet, left pagesleet-left


Sleet, right pagesleet-right


Sleet, tail photo bomb by Simonsleet-photo-bomb




3 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Sleet

  1. That came out great, I like your sleet much better than the real stuff 🙂


  2. I really like both versions, but the second is so pretty. The addition of the pearly brads is wonderful.


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