A to Z Collage Update 090516!!

I finished!!!! All the letters of the alphabet are all finished! I started in May and it only took 3 months! “J” was my last one and my goal was to finish by the end of Summer – and I finished on August 31!!!! Here’s “J” –0905 j

In the end, I did have to cheat on”J” mainly because I didn’t want it to go on and on. I modified “Ts” and “Fs” to make “Js”. 

Here is the final letter count – I won’t post the letter count again till next year!!!az 2017 count bw-20905 color


So now its on to the boring part of sealing all the letters – I’ve done about half. As soon as that’s done I’ll be doing the 3D items on the letters. I showed “H” last week – I’m not sure I’m satisfied with it – but I’ll work it out!

In the meantime, happy creating!!

pusheen craft

One thought on “A to Z Collage Update 090516!!

  1. I am so impressed!! You are a patient woman, I could never do all that work.

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